For Entreprenuers

For Entrepreneurs


Calyx Peak Companies believes in the power of sustainably-grown and responsibly-enjoyed cannabis to improve people's lives. We also believe that a well-regulated cannabis market creates new opportunities to build value for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

During this revolutionary period leading up to what we expect will be full federal legalization of cannabis, we are on the lookout for people who have the passion, courage, and drive to help shape the cannabis industry.

We support cannabis industry innovators by:

  • Joining venture partnership applications for medical/adult-use permits in new states or locales
  • Providing build-out funding
  • Funding or acquiring legal leaf-contact businesses including dispensaries, processing and production facilities, and cultivators
  • Funding ancillary businesses supporting core functions of the cannabis industry
  • Providing capital commitment to bolster license applications
  • Providing turnaround guidance for underperforming operations, assets, and businesses
If you are an owner, entrepreneur, start-up, or operator looking for investment capital for your legal cannabis idea, or have any other inquiries, please contact us.