Our Story

Our Story

Shaping the cannabis industry with integrity, professionalism, and innovation.

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The Calyx Peak Story

Calyx Peak Companies is a renowned leader of the legal cannabis revolution. We are committed to shaping the industry by creating and growing businesses that bring the highest levels of integrity, innovation, and standards to this formerly unregulated field of business.

We invest in, operate, and manage cannabis assets, including more than 300,000 square feet of cultivation, extraction, and distribution facilities in multiple states.

Our diverse team of medical, business, construction, and cannabis industry experts are committed to challenging the conventional and often misunderstood thinking about this powerful plant. 

The Calyx Peak Story

Our History

Calyx Peak was founded in early 2016 by four friends with deep roots in the global equities market: Howard Keum, Michael Bang, and two silent partners. The group’s first move was to make a small investment in an indoor grow operation in northern Nevada, and within 18 months, they had expanded their investments to include a 8-acre farm in Santa Barbara County, California.

Given the life-changing and life-saving medicinal benefits cannabis has to offer, the founders were committed to educating themselves about its capabilities. They received guidance from one of the leading advocates in the field, Dr. Paul Song, a board-certified radiation oncologist in Los Angeles, and a partnership was formed; he joined Calyx Peak as Chief Medical Officer in 2017.

In addition to his ongoing work on Calyx Peak’s health-related ventures, Dr. Song inspired Calyx Peak's wellness brand, SONG, which will use scientific research and exacting standards to create a range of high-quality products for a multitude of conditions.

Calyx Peak added to its executive ranks in 2019, with Erin Carachilo, an experienced retail finance and operations executive, as CEO.

This ability to adapt to change is vital to success in any fast-growing industry, but particularly necessary in the non-linear development of the Cannabis industry.

Mission Statement

Shaping the cannabis industry with integrity, professionalism and innovation, while engaging and supporting local communities, and giving every cannabis lover premium genetics.



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  • Adaptability
  • Naturalism
  • Nuturing or Nurturance
  • Accountability
  • Business-Minded
  • Innovation
  • Success

Our Brands

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